Fashion Faux Pas or Intentionality? Melania Trump’s ‘I Really Don’t Care Jacket’

Amidst the country wide and international outrage at the treatment of children at American detention centers for immigrant children, First Lady Melania Trump took a trip to Texas today to visit one of previously mentioned facilities while wearing a $39 Zara jacket that reads “I Really Don’t Care, Do U?”  While some may take this fashion choice lightly, the jacket can also be interpreted as an insult and disregard for the children and families being mistreated on the account of immigration initiatives and border control.  When interpreted symbolically one is prompted to question if those words on Melania Trump’s khaki green jacket are the sentiments of the first lady; is she removed from the pulse or sentiments of the minority American community; is she not cognizant of the power of a symbol?  Symbols function to illicit both conscious and subconscious responses to nonverbal stimuli- such stimuli often gives directives and represent power dynamics, amongst other things.  As opponents of immigration tactics in the Trump era continue to fight against family separation and other unjust strategies every component matters, so the question is is beckoned fashion faux pas or intentionality and what does is mean symbolically?