Holiday Heart: 3 Ways to Have Meaningful Experiences During this Holiday Szn (Season)

In the midst of the Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, and religious holiday posts on social media, it is important for us to nurture our relationships that exists in our interior lives-the life behind the camera, filter, or livestream-in order to create meaningful personal experiences.  Here are 3 ways that we might be able to accomplish that and make for posts that pop in real life:

  1. Brainstorm the type of interactions you will have while fellowshipping with family and friends-Do you want to discuss politics or celebrity gossip? Do you want to play board games or charades?  Do you want to have a dance competition?  Do you want to read as a group or create group artwork?  Planning creates proactivity so that the interactions can flow and we won’t unconsciously drift over to thumbing through our timelines or if we do post on social media, it can be a meaningful memory to share.
  2. Choose who you want to be around! Again, choose who you want to be around!  While the guest list is not always in our power, as individuals we can exercise autonomy by deciding who we want to engage with at the family or friend function.  Generate positive energy by bringing your own positive vibes to the function by wearing your favorite sweater and exuding confidence; generally saying hello to everyone upon entering a room (with a smile); and engaging in excited conversation with those you have a positive relationship with.  Remember people are human and things can change, so in the midst of cultivating positive vibes, be open to chatting briefly about the food or decorations with that person you might not necessarily click with.
  3. Plan for next time! Life is short so why wait for next year’s holiday season when you can fellowship again in two weeks?  If you enjoy yourself whole heartedly then plan a tentative event in the coming weeks with your friends or family and send reminders to those who are on board with the idea.  If things were “only okay” plan for how you can make next time/ event better: what might you be able to say, do, or suggest to make the next event meaningful?

While this is not an exhaustive list, these were some ways you can put some heart into your holiday and share posts on social media that show the beauty of your internal life- letting others and most importantly yourself know that Holiday Szn 2018 was a blast.

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