How Would You Update the Dream? Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


90 years after his birth and nearly 56 years after the delivery of his world changing “I Have a Dream” speech, we celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. today.  Over the course of time we have seen some elements of Dr. King’s dream and life’s work come to fruition, however, there are some elements of Dr. King’s dream that are still a goal within the African American community, America, and the world abroad.  Being cognizant of the riveting words spoken and rhetorical devices used in the speech along with the activism and inclusion of the people, let’s reflect on how we can continue to expand and apply the dream today by:

Often times people share their thoughts on what they would have done in the past and what they agree or disagree with regarding historical figures but taking the three steps above allows for positive introspection or self reflection and answers the question:  How would you update the dream?

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