Shop Talk: New HBO Series “Insecure”

A hot topic that may be buzzing through your beauty salons this week is the new HBO series “Insecure” created by Issa Rae and Larry Wilmore.  “Insecure” focuses on a modern day ,nearly 29-year-old woman named Issa and her best friend Molly as they try venture through the trials and tribulations faced by many post-collegiate, nearly thirty black women.  In the first episode Issa and Molly are introduced and the audience gets to travel along with these brown beauties from the work place, to the home (where one’s live in boyfriend of 4 years resides), to private moments between girlfriends, a night club, and into a car with an attractive ex from college!

As the audience travels alongside Molly and Issa in this first episode there are several relatable moments that bring the show to life including that moment when the black college educated woman’s love of Drake is mentioned (as Drake plays as a part of the score) and the moment when Issa is engaged in a hilarious pre-club mirror monologue as she switches through a host of lipstick colors, each color denoting a different personality and thus a different interaction with the men she hopes to converse with at the nightclub (many of us can relate to feeling intense when rocking a red lip).  Aside from the comedy, men, nightclub, and lipstick(s) that appear in episode 1 of “Insecure” there are several other themes that appear in this episode including the power and importance of friendship between black women; the idea of what it means to be successful as a young black woman and the means of achieving such “success”; and the crossroads of confidence, comfort, self-doubt, and the idea of a “future” that often exists for black women in romantic situations (i.e. dating, situationships, etc.).

“Insecure” not only reflects aspects of reality for many black women (be it in one’s past, present or things she may encounter in the future) it also serves as a basis for many important conversations that should be taking place in the black beauty salon and other spaces where black women can assert a sense of agency by freely discussing insecurities (whatever they may be) and discovering means to address them.  Episode 2 of “Insecure” appears Sunday October 16th at 10:30 on HBO.  Please share your thoughts on the show both here and in your respective beauty salons.


  1. Lo says:

    I really like this show so far! I can realate while enjoying a laugh at the same time.

    1. Shané says:

      Thanks for that comment! We laughed the entire time too!

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