Homecoming Beauty: What do you Want your Look to Communicate?

Homecoming season is upon us and if you’ve ever been associated with an HBCU then it is likely that homecoming is serious business for you.  While homecoming is a time for reuniting with friends, visiting “old stomping” grounds, and recounting various memories, it is also a time when appearance is factor for many people.  As a woman one may ask how should I wear my hair?  How should I wear my makeup?  What color or design should I have on my nails?  To some these questions may seem miniscule or unimportant but they pervade the minds of many women not merely because of aesthetics or looks but because of the message one wants to convey to her former collegiate family (teachers, peers, staff, etc.).  If a woman wore her hair chemically straightened throughout college but has been natural since graduation (5,10,20 years ago) has there been a major shift in her life post college?  A paradigm shift perhaps?  If another woman did not wear makeup in college but she has since become a thriving makeup artist and blogger, will she want to represent that transformation at homecoming while also using homecoming events as a means of networking or representing her brand?  How about the former political science major who went on to become an attorney after undergrad?  Will she want to represent her “professional brand” through a look that communicates organization and logic?  Whatever the reason may be, the return to one’s alma mater is an occasion that is given great thought.  As the season of homecoming proceeds at HBCU’s across the nation it is important for us to celebrate our culture, our institution, our brothers and sister alike, and feel confident in the image of ourselves that we communicate as we return to our homes!

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