What to do in Light of Despair: Donald Trump is Elected as the 45th President of the United States of America

Many people in the African American community are sensing a great deal of despair in lieu of Donald Trump’s election as the 45th president of the United States of America.  While social media and all other forms of media are recapitulating the sadness, anger, and shock over the matter, many people are wondering what we can do to, at a minimum, bring some type of ease to the adverse feelings many people are experiencing.  Thus, Back to the Shop has a few suggestions for African Americans who are lamenting Trump’s election:


  1. Reflect upon the greatness of our ancestors. They survived practically EVERYTHING and that spirit is a part of our collective conscious, for if we invigorate that spirit of tactical survival we many find peace and solutions.
  2. Remember that we have fought vigorously to be in control of our destinies. If someone is afraid of the future or outraged at Trump’s plans for his presidency, think of what YOU can do that will determine your livelihood and existence (be it entrepreneurship, taking control of your education, becoming more mindful of your health, developing or further cultivating your personal ideas and habits in reference to economics, etc.).  Remember you have agency over yourself, it’s just a matter of locating that agency and subsequently making it functional.
  3. Activating a victorious consciousness- many Afrocentric scholars including Dr. Molefi K. Asante, have written about the importance of having a victorious consciousness as a person of the African diaspora.  As previously mentioned, being African (of the continent or the diaspora) has a great deal of victory in history be it in politics, art, education, etc.  for if we wallow in the spirit of despair or feeling like we have already lost in the future, all of our actions will follow in that spirit.

While we all have the right to express how we feel we must also keep in mind the ills of wallowing in despair and we must act accordingly to counter such feelings.  In a previous article we discussed the importance of the “beauty shop vote”; we focused on the idea that many politicians recognize the importance of the black female vote (as did Clinton and Obama in their 2007 campaigns where they targeted black beauty salons in South Carolina for the black female vote) and discussed how much power lies in the hands of the black beauty salon and black women in general.  Moving in that same spirit where we must realize and utilize our power (just like others see our power and attempt to appropriate it), we must create solutions that empower black women against political, spiritual, and emotional scorn-solutions which will simultaneously protect our families and our future in spite of systems that are do not operate in our favor.

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