CosmoProf Add: Where are the Black “Modern Stylists”

Major professional beauty supply retailer Cosmo Prof has released its January 2017 sales add which features information about the company’s new app and their 2017 artistic team.  While the app appears to be interesting as it features “Schedule”, “Quick Pay”, and “Clients” tab, amongst others, the image of the master stylist team in the advertisement does no feature any stylists of color.  This advertisement fails to fully represent the Cosmo Prof customer demographic.  Many beauty professionals who are of the African diaspora or other cultural backgrounds shop at Cosmo Prof, accordingly, a multitude of customers from such backgrounds receive services using products retailed by the supply giant but the lack of representation can be rather discontenting.  The add promotes the new Cosmo Prof app as the “app for the modern stylist”, however, this “modern” stylist concept does not appear to include the cultural myriad of professional cosmetologist working today.

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