She’s Gotta Have It 2017 Reboot on Netflix

As African American female millennials have been breaking the cinematic, computer, and television screens Spike Lee’s “She’s Gotta Have It” reboot on Netflix adds fuel to the fire.  The trailer for the 2017 version of “She’s Gotta Have It” premiered during this year’s BET awards and the link for the trailer is also available here.  Over 30 years after Lee’s debut film release in 1986 of She’s Gotta Have It” he has teamed up with Netflix and his wife Tonya Lewis Lee to produce a 10-episode reboot or present day rendition of the film.


The role of central character Nola Darling is being played by the beautiful Dewanda Wise who’s natural beauty and on screen presence is just as breathtaking as the Nola Darling in 1986 who was portrayed by Tracey Camilla Johns.  As audiences prepare to meet today’s Nola Darling, the trailer gives a preview of the three men in Nola’s life along with the similar and different aspects of herself that each man interacts with.  One man interacts with an assertive, prideful Nola who reiterates her control over sex and self; another man interacts with Nola the artist; and the other male interacts with Nola the fun, casual, sneaker wearing woman.

Shes Gotta Have It


Consistent with the Nola Darling of 1986, Nola of 2017 also appears to be battling various societal pressures about African American female sexuality (inclusive of dating, intercourse, passion, etc.) which beckons questions about African American millennial female sexuality: should more producers follow in the footsteps of Spike Lee and other contemporary producers (such as Issa Rae of “Insecure”) who have sought to represent women of this demographic?  Will this be the next wave in film and television?  Do African American millennial females really have to have it?  If so does “it” vary at times? Is there something wrong with wanting it?  Feel free to share your thoughts here and tune into “She’s Gotta Have It” (the reboot) which is scheduled to premiere on Netflix this Thanksgiving.

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